MILF Highlight of the Week: Wrong Floor

MILF Highlight of the Week: Wrong Floor

By Willow Monroe on May 07, 2012

Ariella Ferrara is one mighty fine MILF. With incredibly abundant breasts and a taut, toned body, she’s got the kind of gorgeous goodness that makes me gush. And does she ever have passion for her work. Whatever the scene, she gives it her all, her ecstatic cries, and writhing pussy making her enthusiasm and dedication abundantly clear.

In The Wrong Floor, a Mommy Got Boobs feature from the fabulous folks at Brazzers, Ariella plays the part of the quintessential MILF who goes to visit her son at his dorm on campus. As the title might suggest, she winds up on the wrong floor and thereby in the wrong room. Of course all kinds of sexiness ensues.     

Ariella visits her son for the day. She is horrified, as she steps in to his dorm room, to see how messy her son has become since he left for college. She cant handle the mess, and its not long before she starts cleaning up and finds his porn stash. Excited, she puts on a dvd on and starts touching herself. Surprise! Her sons friend Johnny walks in on her and then she understands that this is not her son's room. Johnny is about to call security to report her, but she shows him there's a few good reasons for him to put the phone down and use the situation to his advantage.”

As the scene ensues, Ariella takes charge of the situation and tells Johnny just how to lick her juicy pussy. Ariella being the MILF goddess that she is sucks his hard cock in return, deep-throating that dick real good. With her mammoth mammary glands, Ariella’s unquestionably an ideal candidate for a good titty fuck, which this scene delivers beautifully. Other highlights include some standing doggy style with a little anal fingering, some sideways fucking, and some good old fashioned (but far from boring) missionary.

get personal with Ariella in our latest Behind the Scenes interview with her here!

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NSFW: Wrong Floor 

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