Mother And Daughter Porn Duo, The Sextons

Mother And Daughter Porn Duo, The Sextons

By Willow Monroe on December 17, 2012

The last year of high school I dated this hot blonde with a fit body and an awesome pair of tits. Jen was as smart and nerdy as she was sexiliscious, and when we weren’t fooling around, she was tutoring me in math. One night we were in her bedroom going over calculus equations when her mom came in and offered to order us some pizzas. It was my first time meeting Jen’s mom and if Jen was hot, her mom was an absolute goddess of a woman. Jen’s mom was also blonde, but bustier, taller. Most captivating of all though was that she had this air of sexual-know-how that soaked my panties every time I got close enough to smell her perfume. Long after Jen and I broke up, I fantasized about the two of them. Imagining having them together at the same time was both illicit and a complete turn-on. Still, it was just a fantasy and I knew that no mother and daughter would ever have sex with each other. Or so I thought.

 Anyone who gets porn news delivered to their inbox will have heard of the Sexxxtons by now. But for those of you who don’t, here’s the update. A mother and daughter in Tampa, Florida have been working together in porn with their own website. The duo consists of Monica, 22, and Jessica, 56. For the last year they’ve been making scenes together, and while they don’t physically engage with one another, they have no qualms about being naked together, fucking in tandem, or sharing a dick.   

Apparently the whole thing was Monica’s idea, and, not being one to dash her daughter’s dreams, Jessica jumped on board. The two claim to be in it for the money and hope to become “filthy rich.”

Sexperts and bloggers have been weighing in on the story with there being two camps on how to interpret the unorthodox duo. On one side you have the naysayers citing that even if they aren’t making direct sexual contact with each other, the Sexxxtons are certainly engaged emotionally and psychologically in sexual acts. In this camp of thought, more than one voice has raised the notion that what these two are up to could lead to lasting psychological damage, and potentially harm the closeness of their relationship in the long term.  However, the other camp has a different view. They purport that though at first glance it may seem inappropriate conduct for a mother and daughter, the Sexxxtons do in fact exhibit the signs of having a healthy, open, close, and equal relationship.

 Personally, I choose not to judge one way or the other. It seems to work for them so great. However, I do remain skeptical of their notion that this course will lead to vast riches for them. Sure, they’re getting a bit of media buzz now, but will anyone care six months from now? Unless the pull off some further stunt, I predict they’ll fall under the avalanche of other up and coming one-minute-of-famers. 

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