Neutral Grounds: Why Sex is Better in a Hotel

Neutral Grounds: Why Sex is Better in a Hotel

By Christian Madsen on February 10, 2012

*Christian Madsen is a writer for Whack, and a new contributor to ZZinsider. We are stoked to have enlisted his sexpertise just in time for Valentine's day. Read on to find out you why sex is best in a hotel. You'll want to keep Christian's words in mind as you plan your V-day trysts. 


You check in to check out. You get a thrill while getting your fill.

 Back in 2007 –  while I was staying in New York –  I started taking a picture of the hotel bed every time I've had someone over. Now there are no shortage of sites to be photographed in the big sexy apple, but I can think of nothing more beautiful than a unmade bed where two (or even three) people just screwed each others brains out. A hotel room that still reeks of sweat and lust, that still hums with the degenerate acts that had just occurred there moments ago.

 Travelers of the world know a secret, and that secret is – sex is better in a hotel. Why do couples check in to a hotel when it's time for a romantic get away weekend? Why do some people hook up at a motel, instead of just coming over? It's the escape, it's the black hole, the time warp that is the hotel room – the neutral ground. Where it's not yours or theirs, it's ours.

 Hotels are the place where we cheat, where we make love and fall in love, where we make our homes away from home for a short amount of time, sometimes while we discover a new body with our hands and tongue. Hotels are where we take the handsome stranger from the bar, the pro from the side walk. Where we meet the companion we called two hours ago, and we have a stacked envelop as a gift to him or her.

 Hotels are safe, we don't have to exchange numbers, not even names – we don't even have to be ourselves, we can pretend. As a married couple with three kids, going on ten years together, pretending can be fun, exciting, maybe even necessary at times. So we check in, we forget, we remember, we find ourselves while losing ourselves with each other.

 The hotels around the world gives us a space to be free, to explore ourselves and the world that surrounds us, a world that sometimes swallows us. When you take someone home, there's a line being crossed, it becomes personal. When you step into someone else's place, it can be unnerving. It's their domain, and you're just a guest. In the hotel room you're both guests, you came together and you're leaving together. The guilt trip of slipping out before your partner from the evening wakes up, just doesn't seem to overwhelm you, when you know this is room 369. You don't even feel guilty for stepping out as soon as the deed is done – the hotel makes it like there is already an agreement in place, that leaving after getting what you came for is okay.

 Check yourself into the Grand, the Ace, or the Thompson –  you might wanna bring a camera –  and whatever way you choose to go about it. Discover for yourself why hotel sex is best. That is, if you already haven't figured it out.

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