New Sex Toy: Clit Pumps

New Sex Toy: Clit Pumps

By Ron Ecstasy on October 31, 2011

Many a porn enthusiast has been taunted by the pump. There you are, right in the middle of a good long porn rut. Really trying to get maximum “personal time” with your porn subscription. But no matter how many windows you have open or tabs you’re clicking between, there are ads for it everywhere.  Taunting you and your inferior dick, penis enlargement and the pumps that  come with it are an iconic part of pornobilia.

So too are other pumps. Maybe fetishists are most familiar with this kind of thing, but pumps as part of BDSM and other kinds of punishment are common place. Put one on a dick and watch it stretch.  Reinterpret the use of a breast pump and it becomes an instrument of savage pleasure.

It makes sense then, that there would be pumps out there specifically for women’s pleasure. Well, in the past few years the clit pump has become a legitimate sex toy. The clitoris is a complex and extensive organ, and apparently clit pumps can be just the thing for some people. The minute control you get over suction, letting the pump pull tiny amounts is supposed to be great.  But don’t take a dude man’s word for it, venerable porn blogger Violet Blue has a brief account of her time with the Power Woman 6000.

All the books I’ve read, as well as my training at Good Vibes, told me that pumps work best with a shaved area (I had shaved in preparation) and lube (which I have tons of). But nothing prepared me for the feeling when the lavender cylinder took its first suck of my nipple — I think my eyes popped out of my head. It felt really, really good. And the steady pull was gentle, but grew more intense feeling as the seconds went by. When we moved southward to my clit and began slowly inducing suction, I thought I was going to lose it — the suction felt incredible, and the sensitivity and increased blood flow shot my arousal levels through the roof.  

The pumps come in a variety of soft and pliable materials, and are pretty straightforward in use. Put over the desired area and pump away. As the pump removes air and creates a vacuum blood-flow to the area increases, causing a pleasurable sensation.  Be sure not to use it too hard though, pumps and suction in general can cause tissue damage and bruises.

We all know there isn’t any silver bullet sex toy for women. But maybe the clit pump will grow in popularity as a common part of a woman’s arsenal of sex toys.  Just don’t expect to see it alongside its penile brethren in banner ads any time soon

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