New York Politicians Pulling the Plug on Teen Sexting

New York Politicians Pulling the Plug on Teen Sexting

By Olive Day on June 06, 2011

Like other taboo teen tomfooleries that have been thwarted throughout the years, it seems that the sexting craze will soon be the hot topic of a mandatory sex ed. class geared to teens in New York. If you’re old like me and aren’t quite familiar with the whole concept, it’s pretty much the same thing that we adults/movie stars do but is frowned upon because naked photos of under-age children are illegal and not cool even if they’re being sent to each other. Wow. I really forgot how stupid teenagers are!

Because of the fact that almost every teenager now owns a cellphone, the legislators of America are getting a little tired of having to implement child pornography laws every time someone takes legal action against a teenager who sends indecent photographs via text/phone/internet. New York politicians have banded together to propose the “Cyber Crime Youth Rescue Act” to attempt to teach America’s youth that no matter what the guy or gal says to get you to send them those nudes; they’re going to get spread around and stay on the internet for ever and ever and ever thanks to Google.

"The program would teach children the potential legal consequences for sharing sexually suggestive or explicit images. And it would lay out the impact that such graphic materials could have on their relationships and career. And it would also stress to them 'the nearly unlimited ability of an infinite audience to utilize the Internet search for and replicate materials.”

With all of these politicians and movie stars in the news for having their penises and vaginas posted on the internet for the world to see, I think this is quite possibly the best time in history to start this anti- teenager sexting campaign. If that skinny bitch from Gossip Girl can’t escape the dark world of leaked nudes taken from her cell-phone, I don’t know if anyone can.

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