Nigerian Porn

Nigerian Porn

By Jacob Carson on December 30, 2010


 The country’s first “soft-core” porn movie, Dirty Secret, is flying off the shelves in this very conservative nation despite being condemned by the government and religious groups. The film became popular after a teaser trailer was placed on YouTube which evidently got the Nigerians going. All copies are selling out despite the trailer being pulled on the video site for being too explicit.

 If you didn’t know already, Nigeria is not a pleasant place to live. For decades Nigerians have been embroiled in violence, religious civil war and government turmoil. I am surprised such a racy film would even be allowed to be sold in the country given the hardline religious views of many states.

 The movie apparently features many taboo acts including incest and is risqué even by American standards. The makers are apparently raking in the profits as citizens’ flock to see their first taste of Nigerian porn.

 My guess is this will be the first of many ventures into porn by the country even if titles end up on the black market. I do not see the ruling government letting this continue for much longer, they will eventually pull the porno from the shelves. If not the government, militant religious groups will likely enforce their own brand of justice.


Despite this, porn is like a snowball rolling down a hill. Once it has started porn just grows and grows. People want it and need it. Someone should send Ron Jeremy to Nigeria to instruct the actors and actresses in proper porn procedures. While he’s at it, he can also introduce them to the wonders of rum too.

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