Nude Kinect Video with Kirsten Price

Nude Kinect Video with Kirsten Price

By Jacob Carson on November 18, 2010

Wicked contract girl, Kirsten Price, is no stranger to testing limits, so when G4 asked her to test the nudity censor of Xbox 360s Kinect gaming peripheral she was more than up for the challenge.

Sure, we all know this was just an excuse for nerd station G4 to get a naked woman on television so watchers can whack off to something besides the latest screens for Fallout, but it did yield some interesting results.

For those of you get sex and don’t spend your days checking up on the latest gaming news, Kinect is Xbox’s combination of the motion sensor capabilities of the Wii and a camera. Instead of a joystick, the camera reads the player’s movements and projects a image of the player and their clothes on the screen.

It is also supposed to be able to read nudity and keep it from being imaged on the game, chat and other peripherals to keep young minds free of the glory of nudity. In this, it failed miserably.


They first tested the Kinect clothes recognition software with not so great results, but thankfully a sexy school girl outfit was projected flawlessly. The interesting, and naked, stuff came a bit later. Kristen was completely naked on video chat and her pictures were clear as a bell. Sadly, G4 pixilated her naughty parts, but if you are really interested a quick Google image search will end the mystery.

Kinect also allows people to play a game and then take pictures of them as they move and the pictures can be uploaded for others to see. After a lot of unnecessary jumping, Kristen was able to upload her naked pictures and nerds everywhere got on their kneed to thank God.

The good news is if hot women like Kristen want to cavort naked on Kinect, their perky nipples can be seen by all, but that also means a fat 50-year-old’s saggy ball sack will be translated in HD as well. What are the odds of you seeing a woman like Price naked on a major gaming platform or some old dude? All signs point to saggy ball sack.

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