Old Chicks Getting in their O’s

Old Chicks Getting in their O’s

By Willow Monroe on January 06, 2012

Old broads are hot. I can’t say I’m exactly into granny porn (not every day, anyway) but I do enjoy a more mature pussy now and again. Something about a cunt that’s weathered by countless past orgasms gets my motor going. Silvered pubes and a wrinkled labia come with a sexual know-how and confidence you just can’t find with fresher meat.  

The American Journal of Medicine published  a study this last Tuesday that confirms what I’ve long suspected; aged babes are getting it on and liking it. The survey focused on a group of women between the ages of 40 and 100. The findings?  Only one in five women experience  a high level of sexual desire but 61% report that they are moderately or very satisfied with their sex lives. These women may not be getting the lady-boners their more youthful counterparts are getting but when they do bone, they’re getting in their O’s.

Experience has shown me that the seduction of a gray-haired honey may require somewhat more than the average amount of charmsome beguiling, but the results of the pursuit are well worth the initial investment. Seasoned ladies are generous with their mouths and hands. They cum beautifully and are awesome about expressing their gratitude when you get them off. And there’s so much less drama involved with the mature madam. Considerably less clinginess. These self-made chicks don’t have the time or energy to get themselves wrapped up in your business.  Or such has been my experience.

So if you haven’t already, go ahead and fuck some vintage vagina. Really. Just do it. Shag her and be amazed at how hot she is when you’re cumming on her face. Report back in the comment section and let me know how it goes. Just remember three words when on the chase;  woo, wooful, and woosome.  

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