Orgy At The Poker Table

Orgy At The Poker Table

By Alpha Harlot on December 14, 2012

People filtered in and out of the house all night.  The rooms were all filled with laughter and smoke.  Condoms were in candy dishes all over the place.  A card game was going on around the kitchen table.

The host of the party sat to my right, his girlfriend sat across from me, and the two boys that I brought to the party were sitting on the other side of her.  The cards in our hands were waxy and crisp, just pulled from their box for the first time a few hours before.  Believe it or not, I had the most clothes on.

The sexy redhead sitting across from me had taken off her bra four hands ago and was complaining about how chilly it was without her shirt on.  Her nipples were deep brown and very hard.  She shivered and her tits shook a bit.

The boys had been so distracted by her bare chest I ended up winning hand after hand.  Her boyfriend and the guy sitting right next to me were just in their boxers.  The other guy had his jeans on still but I could tell that he was itching to take them off.

I laid down a Queen High Flush and he nearly jumped out of his chair.

Eager boys at swinger's parties are silly sometimes.

He unzipped his jeans and his pants fell to the floor, revealing that he wasn't actually wearing anything underneath.

I winked at him and motioned him over with my red tipped finger.  I moved my chair back and licked the tip of his cock.

“Game over!” the red head yelled and threw her cards up in the air.

 Her boyfriend moved back from the table and she climbed on his lap.  The boy sitting next to me went around to the other side of the table and grabbed her tits from behind.  He squeezed her nipples while she rode her boyfriend's cock.

I licked my hand and turned my eyes back to the dick in front of my face. He wiggled his body back and forth slapping my cheeks.  I giggled and opened my throat wide to swallow him inch by inch.

The redhead climbed up on the table and stuck her ass up in the air so that her boyfriend could lick her pussy while we shared the dick.

“I think I need some pussy before you ladies waste my load early.”

She climbed down and we both bent over the table.

All three guys lined up and one by one went balls deep into my pussy.  After a few strokes they popped themselves out and got their dick's wet in hers. 

She and I faced each other and started making out.

“I always have such a good time at your parties,” I said.


NSFW: See Rachel Starr, Phoenix Marie and Lichelle Marie  take some dick on a poker table in Big Cock Poker

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