Penis Maps…Way Better Than Google Maps

Penis Maps…Way Better Than Google Maps

By Stefanie Saint on March 25, 2011

Thomas Jefferson once said, “All men are created equal.” Obviously he’d never been to Asia.

Had he been to Asia he would have realized that particular continent was created with a little less love. Approximately three inches less.

Penis sizes around the world have long been a discussion based mostly on myth and legend. Now thanks to this handy Worldwide Penis Size map we can all check out other countries and gasp in fascination or point and snicker. What’s handy is according to this map every stereotype we’ve heard has turned out to be true. So there is no need to fill our heads with anything new.

No word as to how the data was compiled or analyzed, but we do know it was compiled by a guy named ‘Onionslayer’. And that folks, is a name which incites a Woodward and Bernstein type trust.

I’m thinking the Congo seems like a nice place to vacation.

Click here for the larger version (no pun intended).

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