Pick your own gender in Australia

Pick your own gender in Australia

By Ron Ecstasy on September 15, 2011

 Chalk one up  for sanity in one of the least likely places, Australia. In a move that ought to surprise some, the landlocked continent/country recently allowed transgendered people to choose their gender on their passports. I think this is a big deal for two reasons:

First, Australia has active white supremacy movements, and the "Asianification" of the country is something that comes up in public discourse. It also has guys like this, who make a career out of publicly lamenting the ascension of women and non-straight men into civil society. Which is to say, Australia is no egalitarian paradise and is more similar to the US or Canada, places where such a move would probably be controversial.

Second, if Oz is going in this direction then it's only a mattter of time until the rest of the developed world follows suit. Which for the sake of individual freedoms everywhere would be a good thing. All you need in order to make the change is a doctor's note proclaiming that you are in fact transgendered - certainly easier to come by than a potentially dangerous operation.

One can't help but notice that the change came after the election of Senator Louise Pratt, Australia's first parliamentarian to have a transgendered partner.

"There have been very many cases of people being detained at airports by immigration in foreign countries simply because their passports don't reflect what they look like," Pratt said. It's very distressing, highly inconvenient and frankly sometimes dangerous." Said Pratt.

 Does all this spell a main-streamification of trans identity? I wouldn't go that far, its difficult for many people to relate to the lifestyle. Though any official acceptance of the fluid nature of gender is a stem in the right direction. For those who need clarification of just what it is we're talking about, or why we care, check out Buck Angel.and this artcile




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