Playboy More Than Just A Centerfold

Playboy More Than Just A Centerfold

By Miles Holden on March 19, 2012

The South Africa branch of the advertising (brand management, etc) company, Y&R, was informed by Playboy that they needed to develop a set of ads that would shift perception about the infamous nudie mag.

Playboy wants South Africans to know that people do in fact read Playboy for the articles, of course, the only reason they buy it in the first place is for the nude pics, but that doesn’t change the fact that the publication has developed a reputation for putting significant emphasis on “intelligent journalism, iconic interviews and in-depth features.”

In an effort to dispel the myth that readers of Playboy will only be exposed to pictures of naked women,” Y&R released a set of cheeky ads featuring strategically placed naked women being completely ignored by men who are otherwise preoccupied actually reading the magazine as opposed to just ogling the pictures.

I rather like the ads, they have that Mad Men feel to them that has been really popular since that show gained popularity on AMC, and even though as a young lad I did read a few Playboy articles from my older brother’s stash of dirty mags after shooting off a load, I don’t think there’s an article engrossing enough in the whole wide world to make me ignore a beautiful naked woman, especially if she was standing right in front of me.

Not a bad try, although it would have been nice to see an actual Playboy headline as opposed to the generic hot button topics Y&R choose: Crack Addiction, Silicon Valley, and Deforestation. Those aren’t usually the kind of headlines that accompany the “intelligent journalism, iconic interviews and in depth-features” Playboy, or anyone, wants to be known for, but that doesn’t matter, does it, since they’re still providing us with the beautiful naked ladies. Now, THAT’S a good distraction!

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