Playboy Shipped With Runaway Bride Sticker on the Cover

Playboy Shipped With Runaway Bride Sticker on the Cover

By Miles Holden on June 22, 2011

Hugh Hefner was due to marry Crystal Harris this coming Saturday until the wedding was called off by the bride to be just five days before the wedding. As I reported last week, the next Playboy issue was supposed to introduce the new Mrs. Hefner to the world, but with the wedding only days away and the issue already set to hit the stands it was too late to do a recall. In a classy move, Hef decided to slap a “Runaway Bride in This Issue” sticker on the cover and go on with the issue as planned.

Among rumours of a bad break-up, Crystal Harris assured her fans when she was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest that there was no big fight, and that the couple had discussed her ill-at-ease feelings regarding the upcoming wedding and Hef’s polyamorist lifestyle. After the interview aired, Hef who has a good handle on “new media” for an octogenarian tweeted to his followers "Crystal did an interview with Ryan Seacrest this morning to explain everything, but I still don't have a clue."

In another classy move, Hugh is planning a movie party at the Playboy mansion this Saturday where he and his friends will be watching Runaway Bride instead of attending the wedding of the season. Hef seems to be handling his broken heart pretty well and with 84 years of experience behind him he certainly knows how to find the humour in the situation instead of wallowing in his own self-pity. I can only hope I have the same attitude at his age when I finally make my millions and temporarily con a 24 year old into marrying me.

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