Politicians on a Roll Enacting Bizarre Sex Laws

Politicians on a Roll Enacting Bizarre Sex Laws

By Miles Holden on June 02, 2011

Like always, the news is perpetually filled with politicians enacting ridiculous laws as opposed to tackling real problems. This week I bring you two recent legislative acts that leave no doubt in my mind that politicians, while known for their run-ins with sex laws, hate when normal people get freaky.

First, news out of California. The senate unanimously passed a bill to make sexting an expellable offense in public schools. The bill is pretty comprehensive covering students at school, going to school, on school trips, and taking part in school activities… But what confuses me is that the bill appears to only apply to images and videos, not text. Educators claim that sexting is a growing problem among the student population and school officials are excited about the prospects of being able to expel horny teenagers thereby alleviating overcrowding. Students don't seem to mind having their days freed up to have ample time for whacking off and posing for erotic photos to send their friends. So we'll notch this one on the bed post as a win-win I suppose.

The second bit of news comes from Utah which is known for being a bit odd to begin with, but they've outdone themselves this time by enacting a new bit of legislation that makes it illegal to act like a hooker. Cops are frustrated that real prostitutes have gotten wise to undercover agents and now insist that potential Johns touch themselves before discussing prices. Under this new law, asking somebody to touch themselves is the same as offering up your services.  The law is open ended enough however that strippers and escort services are worried that merely touching their bombastic breasts or firm round asses will put them in violation.  The cops firmly deny that they'll abuse their power, but we are all familiar with how that works out.

Now that I'm thoroughly depressed by our politicians ability to waste tax payer dollars passing ridiculous legislation, it's time for me to sign-off and check out the new Brazzers scene cause I'm ready to get my rocks off watching babes getting nailed by Kieran Lee.

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