Porn Baron Takes up the Fight for Pot

Porn Baron Takes up the Fight for Pot

By Richard Johnson on July 14, 2011

Over the years, a man named Walden Randell Welty has taken pride in owning a variety of adult entertainment businesses including a bookstore and a topless bar in the San Diego area. The city ultimately forced his topless bar closed in 1995 due to zoning issues and their obvious prude attitudes, but fortunately the law sided with Welty when he sued the city and won the case. Now Welty is the head of the Patient Care Association, a group of 63 Weed stores, and is back with a vengeance suing the city of San Diego once again, this time to prevent the city from closing the pot shops.

Medical Marijuana is legal in California, but San Diego recently passed a city ordinance greatly regulating marijuana dispensaries.  Shop owners believe it's just an attempt by the city to close as many pot shops as possible. While city officials are claiming the moral high ground with their “we must protect the children” rhetoric.

Welty is ready for the fight though. In 1994 He opened the Flesh Club which the city shut down in 1995 citing city zoning ordinances. After years of battling the city, he prevailed in court, and his bar reopened in 1999. The jury awarded Welty $1.4 million for lost profits and sent the city packing.

Although the battle is no longer about naked women, he’s is well prepared to teach the city a lesson once again in the name of awesome pass times.

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