Porn Gets Nurse Fired

Porn Gets Nurse Fired

By Alpha Harlot on August 15, 2012

My day job as an accountant definitely has its perks. Because of where my cubicle is located in my office, I'm able to do all sorts of perverted things in secret.  While my coworkers all sneak onto Facebook, I hang out on much more dirty social networking sites.

A few times a day, I'll post Sneaky Office Boob Pics on Twitter and Tumblr.  My social networking addiction is Xtube.  I never watch videos at work though because I think that I'd end up getting snagged.  It's a lot easier to explain words on a screen then it is to justify why there's a pussy squirting cum all over some guy's face.  I'm pretty sure that my ass would be in line at the unemployment office if I ever got caught doing that.

Some people have the type of porno addiction that they can't help though.  A Scottish nurse named John McCann was fired from Dunoon Hospital when there was an issue with the hospital's slow internet connection.  The IT department traced it back to McCann's work station by remote accessing his machine when he just so happened to be downloading a porn flick.  When they searched deeper into his machine, they found hundreds of files of adult material. 

That's just reckless and asking to be caught.  Would it be nice if we were all allowed to watch porno at work?  Of course it would. Realistically though, nothing would get done, ever. Reports are saying that McCann's office was filled with piles of work that hadn't been completed. Boobs and cum shots are way more interesting than a stack full of reports that are begging to be sorted through.

McCann didn't show up at the hearing of his case held by the Nursing Midwifery Council.  He did send a letter to the board confessing, “I do not feel that I am fit to work as a registered nurse and even if I were to become so in the future, I feel strongly that I have negated the right to do so.”

So watch your back guys.  If you're going to be a pervert online at work, don't take advantage of the situation.  Make sure that the work that you get paid to do is finished first that way no one will suspect that you're up to no good. 

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