Porn Goes Glee with Musical

Porn Goes Glee with Musical

By Stefanie Saint on February 04, 2011

When people think porn and music, they generally think “bow-chicka-bow-wow” and most times they would be right. But this time it’s a Los Angeles theater group giving the manic world of porn the “Glee” treatment.

“A Pretty Filthy Evening” subtitled” Real Stories (and Songs) from the Folks Who Make Adult Entertainment” features songs and monologues based on interviews gathered from real life porn directors, performers, agents and producers.

The musical is unfinished, but a special partial production will be at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City on Feb. 5. Along with the musicals and monologues, the show will also have porn charades, prizes and a few special guests.

The cast features “True Blood” hotties Sam Trammell and Rutina Wesley along with “Wings” star Steven Weber. Sadly there won’t be any nudity. But there will be an appearance from porn veteran and Wing Commander: Heart of the Tiger star Ginger Lynn.

If I lived anywhere near L.A. or civilization in general, I would see this production, but I don’t so I am going to have to hear about it from you. Let me know how it was.

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