Porn Induced Migraines; It’s A Thing

Porn Induced Migraines; It’s A Thing

By Miles Holden on October 04, 2012

Porn headaches? Yes, I know what this is. My roommate was really tense for a while and he would get head splitting migraines every time he tried to jerk off. Poor guy, he was a mess; the one activity that would usually bring him some relief was just making it worse. I had a theory. I thought he should try jerking of without tensing up all his muscles before he came. Problem solved.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s kind of an involuntary action, but just picture in your mind the difference between a nice relaxing hand-job you get from someone else on a lazy Sunday summer afternoon and the “grrrr” tense hand quickie you give yourself in a dank basement bathroom. Sure, they both feel good in the end, but they’re worlds apart in the world of pleasure.

All of this to say, I kind of feel like a genius now. Why? Because, it’s been reported that some poor guy’d been getting massive headaches every time he’d watch porn. It got so bad, he finally went to see a doc. The entire medical profession was a little mystified by the whole situation. Apparently, porn was the only thing that would split the guy’s head in two. Regular partnered sex was just fine, so what was it exactly about porn in particular that weighed on this guy’s head like a ton of bricks?

Nothing really. I’ve never taken a single medical course, but I could’ve told you that when you watch porn you get turned-on, which increases blood flow, muscle tension, and nerve sensitivity which in turn boosts the perception of pain in the brain. I’m telling you, it’s all about the relaxed handy-jay or you can always follow in this guy’s footsteps and start popping a couple Aspirin thirty minutes before watching porn. 

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