Porn On Demand

Porn On Demand

By Alpha Harlot on July 11, 2012

It's late at night, you're surfing around on the television, and nothing is on that catches your interest.  You figure that maybe you can find a movie that seems interesting. Then the Adult category catches your eye.  Hundreds of hours of footage of your favorite Pornstars from  Wicked and Brazzers are at your fingertips. Porno on Demand is so fucking tempting. 

I used to work with a woman who would complain about her husband buying porn all the time.  She would get so mad about it that even hours after their fight, she would be talking to us about it. 

One day she caught him with his cock in between two couch cushions having a grand old time.  That threw her for a loop. “I walk into the living room and what do I see?  He's got his DICK out and it's stuffed between the couch cushions.  Why was he fucking the couch and not ME? It wasn't like he was jerking off.  He was FUCKING the COUCH!”

I always tried to calm her down without laughing but sometimes a snicker would pop out of my mouth.  I asked her why she didn't just join him and give him something else to fuck but she said that she “wasn't in the mood” to mess around when she caught him, especially after she’d just gotten angry with him over the cable bill.

A Florida woman in the same situation took matters into her own hands when she discovered a $400 cable bill due to her boyfriend's porn addiction.  

According to authorities in Marin County, a woman named Robin Botteri arrived home from work and her boyfriend told her that the cable was shut off.  When she called the cable company to find out what the problem was, they told her that she owed for $400 worth of on demand porno. When she confronted him, he admitted that he had been spending his nights jerking off to busty Pornstars.  Botteri freaked out and spit in his face.  Then a fight broke out between the two and when he left the house, she called the cops which was apparently the wrong move because she ended up getting arrested.

I think their night would have gone better if they were both snuggled up on the couch watching On Demand porno together.  In fact, I think that's what I'm going to do tonight. 


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