Porn Starlet Kylie Ireland reveals that she is Street Artist DeeKay

Porn Starlet Kylie Ireland reveals that she is Street Artist DeeKay

By Olive Day on March 25, 2011


Look out Banksy, pornstar Kylie Ireland may be some competition to keep your eye on! A street artist that goes by the name DeeKay, “a play on the urban ‘decay’ I photographed and the ‘K’ from my name,” who has been gaining quite the popularity around town for her stencil and free hand pieces which depict sexy women has come forward and revealed herself as pornstar Kylie Ireland.  While the first pieces were immediately put on her husband’s graffiti blog, the photographs began appearing on LA’s premire street art website Melrose and Fairfax. Kylie began discussing the pieces on her blog and on her Sirus radio show, “through a thin veil of secrecy.”

I had a former appreciation for graffiti; something I marveled at as a teenager when I moved to San Diego, away from my quiet small town in Colorado.” Kylie explains in her blog, “When my husband Andy started I found myself sort of the defacto photographer for the site. As we wandered the city I became more familiar with styles of street art that weren’t as common downtown; stencils and wheat pastes. I realized my photography could transfer easily into this new (to me) art form – in fact the rusted motel and liquor store signs were street art themselves –  and began to explore it around the beginning of March, 2011. Yes, barely three weeks ago.”

While Kylie originally decided to keep the art life of DeeKay and her wild pornstar life separate, she realized that melding the two may be more interesting than keeping them apart. “…it occurred to me if I mixed sexy pastes and spray stencils of ‘Kylie’ with the old signs – I started with arrows – it became a fun, naughty new bit of street art that encompassed everything about me… it also made my art more striking and noticeable.”

As an avid street artist fan myself, I always love hearing about people who lead secretive artistic lifestyles. I think it is awesome to see more female artists taking their art to the streets and being recognized for it. If you’d like to read more about DeeKay’s artwork, be sure to visit BombedoutLA.Kylie has recently been interviewed by ARTE-TV and will be found on her blog as soon as it is released.

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