Porn VS. Real Life: Hot For Teacher

Porn VS. Real Life: Hot For Teacher

By Olive Day on February 21, 2011

If you didn’t ever have a crush on a school teacher, you’re probably not a real person. Or, if you really can’t say you’ve been hot for teacher, you can at least admit that school girl uniforms are pretty kinky. I once knew a guy who had to be taken out of private school because of the amount of boners he’d pop as a result of the over-population of chicks in pleated skirts. In his defense, Catholic Schools are sexy cesspools of erotic experimentations, bathroom quickies, and teacher/student relationships if what I’ve learned in porn serves correct. But do you want to know what is not cool? Statutory rape! There are about 1 million adult films (ballpark estimate) that have the storyline of bad high school girl boning teacher for marks/because she talked on her cellphone/to get out of detention/to get back at her parents/because teacher is super-hot and that’s not cool if you’re a stickler for legal porn fantasies. There are some instances of totally legit and legal teacher situations that can occur like, of age teacher relationships in college or sexy classroom assistants who will give BJ’s out for good references. Unfortunately, some people are stupid and while they play out their real life fantasies they become totally unaware idiots.

Real Life: Two Staff Members at School after sex tape was found on school computer

A school in South London is investigating whether teacher Tim Edwards and a classroom assistant Angela Thornhill created a homemade sex tape involving the two of them. The guerrilla porn was found by a colleague found the video on a school computer depicting a man sitting on a chair in what appears to be an office, grinning at the camera while a woman preforms a sexual act on him. The woman is later seen liftting her top. Authorities are trying to figure out if the movie had been filmed on school grounds or whether any of the 800+ students have accessed it. Both the teacher and the classroom assistant have been suspended from Addington High School.

Porn: Brazzers - HEAD

Today is Ms. Lichelle Marie's first day as a student teacher in Mr. Damage’s class. There is nothing more she wants in the world than to be a full-time teacher at the school, so when Mr. Damage asks how far she'd go to get the job; she offers a "job" to him that'll surely land her a position!

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