Porn vs. Real Life: Peeping on Girls in the Bathroom

Porn vs. Real Life: Peeping on Girls in the Bathroom

By Olive Day on June 13, 2011

When I was younger, I didn’t understand the fascination men have with the whimsical place that women pee. No, I’m not talking about vaginas; I’m talking about women’s washrooms. At first I figured it was some sort of adult joke that I wouldn’t understand until I was older. Now that I’m older, I still don’t f-ing get it. I’ve been in a lot of bathrooms in my day and I can safely say that I have never seen any girls randomly decide to make out, compare breast sizes or test each other’s vaginas.  Bathrooms are gross, boring and awkward just like (what I’m assuming) men’s washrooms are.

I guess some people just like to hear pee. I’m sure that the fascination coincides with the whole urolangia fetish or something and, if that’s the case, I’m kind of shocked with the amount of guys that want to be peed on. Are there a lot of you? Is that why you want to get into our washrooms? I know the last Porn vs. Real Life was on pretty much the same subject (Peeping Toms) but this whole women’s bathroom thing needed to be addressed.

Porn: What Really Happens When Girls go to the Bathroom - Memphis Munroe, Audrey Bitoni and Charles Dera

Memphis and Audrey are over at Charles's place for a small get together. At some point during the party they go off to the bathroom together. The guys start to wonder what is taking the girls so long and why women always seem to go to the bathroom in pairs. Charles is determined to find out what exactly happens when girls go to the bathroom together and goes to spies on them. (Brazzers)

Real Life: Man wore mask & wig to spy on women using the washroom

Joel Hardman, 22, also put on a jet-black wig so he could slip into the women's toilets unnoticed at the Bullring, Birmingham.The MA student, described in court as an intelligent man, got sexual gratification from listening to women use the toilet - and even made audio recordings.Hardman, who had previously admitted watching someone during a private act for his own sexual gratification, said he initially went into the University of Birmingham's women's toilets.

But one month before he was caught, he switched to the Bullring - which saw 276,000 people visit on the day it opened - because it was 'busier'. Hardman was finally caught out in the pale skin mask and black wig by a female shopper on April 3. (Daily Mail)

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