Porn vs. Real Life: Peeping Tom

Porn vs. Real Life: Peeping Tom

By Olive Day on May 06, 2011

I was actually kind of taken aback when I searched, “peeping tom” on Brazzers and only found 9 hits. That’s a pretty generic fantasy right? Some creep watching a chick undress and then having the sexy prey invite him in? I read a story on Reddit a couple of weeks ago about some dude who was listening to his roommate masturbate night after night and finally walked in on her and received a sexy result. I’m not saying that peeping toms are okay, or that they should rap on the window to test out this lucky Redditors theory but dudes just love peepin’ and I just don’t get it!

Recently, there was a peeping Tom lifeguard who trapped himself in a locker… Peeping Tom lifeguards is like an oxymoron to me. Your job is to sit in next to no clothes on a high chair and watch over other nearly naked people. Why would you want to peep any more than that? If you do, quite frankly I think you're just being really really greedy. You already have a sexy job, so don't push your luck!

It reminds me of when I was a young lass lifeguarding with a couple of girlfriends. When we’d finish our shift we’d jump into the shower with our bathing suits on together because there were only two showers in the lifeguard shack. This for some reason drove all of the boy lifeguards crazy. We are wet and in our bathing suits like we were 2 minutes before jumping into the shower but as soon as you add shampoo to the equation it’s like kink city.

Porn: Brazzers – Just peeping…Shyla Stylez, Justin Magnum

Justin hides a camera in the girl’slocker room to tape Shyla while she changes. Shyla catches the pervert and threatens to report him. When Justin tells her he plans to make millions by putting the footage online, Shyla becomes interested in sharing the profits with him. Justin doesn't agree with the idea so Shyla fucks him to make him change his mind.

Real Life: Daily Mail Reporter - Peeping Tom lifeguard traps himself after spying on naked woman in changing room

“A lifeguard had to be rescued by the fire brigade when he became stuck after being caught spying on a nude woman in a leisure center, a court has heard.

Steven Dickson, 19, is accused of ogling the woman from underneath a cubicle partition before she spotted him and when he tried to flee became trapped under the divider.

The victim screamed when she saw Dickson, who allegedly panicked so much that when firefighters came to his aid they feared the tearful employee would suffer a heart attack, the Mirror reported.

The victim told Carlisle Crown Court that she had been for a swim at Cockermouth Leisure Centre in Cumbria, when the incident happened on October 7 and had been deeply 'shocked' at her discovery.

Centre manager Aimee Threapleton said that Dickson, who had worked at the complex for two years, told her he had made a dreadful mistake and had only had a look at the woman.

But the defendant, from Maryport, Cumbria, insisted to the jury that he was unaware anyone was in the changing particle.

He claims he was attempting to unlock a door that he thought someone had locked as a prank and would never have looked if he knew someone was in the cubicle.

The teenager denies voyeurism for the purpose of self-gratification.” – The Daily Mail

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