Porn With a Plot Get the Women Wet

Porn With a Plot Get the Women Wet

By Richard Johnson on May 02, 2011

Itʼs true, women enjoy a good skin flick almost as much as men. The sexual revolution may have happened in the 60s and 70s, but only recently have women started to come into their own sexually. Today more women than ever are cheating on their men, and more than ever before, women are watching and enjoying porn.

Men and women donʼt have quite the same tastes in porn. Men are all about the images, a nice set of breasts bouncing around, smooth taught skin, and a nice round ass. Women on the other hand enjoy a good story line. They are looking for a great plot with excellent character development. Women and men donʼt react to porn in quite the same way either. A guy can go from uninterested to raging hard in seconds, while women are in it for the long-haul. They turn on slowly. When it comes to porn and sex in general, men are the sprinters and women are the marathoners.

For all you guys out there, sitting through hours of thinly veiled plot and scantily clad ladies with the woman you intend on slipping your kielbasa sausage deep inside will have itʼs benefits. To begin with it gets women in the mood, consider it the easiest foreplay youʼve ever done. In addition, women donʼt mind watching a little woman on woman action, which seems like another check mark in the appropriate column, but wait it gets even better, women watch porn to learn new and interesting way to get down and dirty.

The moral of this story goes something like this, if you are willing to put up with a bit of a plot, your woman will learn some new tricks, get all hot, bothered and juicy before you slip it to her, and watching women do the nasty with other women makes them just as revved up as you. These days they are even making porn targeted for women! Iʼd say itʼs about time to install the flat screen in the bedroom, eh?

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