Portland Nudist Offends Everyone by Posing Nude in a Dead Horse

Portland Nudist Offends Everyone by Posing Nude in a Dead Horse

By Miles Holden on November 04, 2011

Jasha Lottin, 21 year-old aspiring model and nudist, bought a horse, shot it in the head, gutted the animal, climbed inside for a photoshoot, and posted the pics online.

Joshua Washburn, a North Carolina man spotted the pics and immediately called the Sheriff. The deputies investigated the matter, but weren’t able to charge Lottin with anything, because there was no animal cruelty involved. I guess it helped that she ate the horse afterwards?!

It’s rare in this day and age when a single person can offend pretty much everyone: from vegans, to nudist, to carnivores, to prudes, and on and on it goes.

Surprisingly enough, Lottin has no idea why everyone is getting so excited over a couple pics of her naked body wrapped in the carcass of a horse, claiming that she did it “to be one with the animal” and, oh yeah, because of her love for Star Wars.

According to the police report: “Lottin said in the movie Star Wars the character Han Solo cut open and animal with his light saber and placed Luke Skywalker inside the animal. This was due to Luke freezing to death in cold weather. Lottin said there was nothing religious about what she did and didn't intend to offend anyone.”

Lottin and her friend Josh Frost bought the 32-year-old dying horse from Richfield, Washington, so if you consider the fact that the horse was scheduled to be euthanized it suffered from the exact same fate when Frost shot it in the head with a .300 Winchester Magnum hunting rifle.

It’s just that the story gets a little weirder when the pair skinned and gutted the horse in preparation for their photoshoot. In the pictures Lottin published online she can be seen naked as the day she was born covered in blood instantly giving serial killers around the world rock hard boners.

Although the deputies found nothing wrong going on, and “aren't interested in telling people what weird stuff to put or not put on the Internet”. Lottin and Frost have been harassed by the public to such an extent they both had to delete their Facebook profiles. Bullies, be damned!

Personally, I don’t really care. Sure, the pictures are kind of gross and I would never go as far as posing nude inside the carcass of a dead animal (maybe…ya, probably not), but I remember going a little caveman and covering my face in blood the first time my older brother took me hunting and showed me how to gut a rabbit, so really who am I to judge. It’s not like they gutted a horse just for kicks, they actually ate the damn thing.

NSFW: Images here

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