Potential Porn Mogul Sues Canada for $100 Million

Potential Porn Mogul Sues Canada for $100 Million

By Ron Ecstasy on September 29, 2011

Tony Marcu had big dreams. The kind of dreams a man can only realize through a sex toy business based in Romania. The potential porn mogul and former bank manager relocated his family to Romania from Canada where they had been living. He quickly realized that the eastern European country was missingsomethign special. Namely  dildos bought over the internet. So in response to his own undying vision he quit his job managing  a bank and set about starting his business.

He had a business plan, $10,000 cash and some loans on the way. The only thing standing in the way of Marcu and his dildo dreams was a series of minor background checks, for in Romania you must have one done before starting a business. There was also a check required in Canada in order to satisfy the Romanian government’s requirements.

Well, unfortunately for Marcu,--who goes by the stage name Craig by the way-- the Romanian check went through quickly. But the Canadian check didn’t.  Marcu claims he followed the steps outlined by the RCMP and expected the whole thing to take 12 weeks. Instead it took over a year. Unable to start his business, connectons dried up and Marcu was no longer in a position to make the millions he had envisioned. His Initial take was expected to be a rather optimistic 34 million a month.

Marcu reportedly spends his days penniless in Toronto searching for adult acting opportunities.  Which might be why he’s launched a $100 million dollar lawsuit against the RCMP for damages concerning the business that he lost.  The problem with this is, of course, that Marcu never had a business, and while he might be able to sue the RCMP if they’d truly mishandled his background check. Its unlikely that he’ll be able to recoup potential profits. If he already had something set up that appeared lucrative and it was killed by institutional incompetence that would be another thing. Perhaps there’d be something to sue over

Just what did Marcu plan to import in order to build his fortunes? Well, among sex toys, sex supplements and sex health texts he also wanted to bring in quantities of Canadian Ice Wine. When questioned on the odd pairing Marcu simply stated “because wine is good for all sex.” Indeed.

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