Pwned By Girls: Porn Stars Start Gaming Site

Pwned By Girls: Porn Stars Start Gaming Site

By Ron Ecstasy on September 20, 2011

We’ve come a long way from the 90’s. Remember when your N64 wouldn’t really play right without an “expansion pack”. Or how a couple of Rob Zombie instrumentals counted as special features on Twisted Metal II? Back then the only girl coming near your gaming console was your mom cleaning up after a slumber party. Ok, Cammy in Street Fighter is a chick, but that doesn’t really count.

But now that games are like 8 times more relevant in the public consciousness there is no shortage of female gamers, and what’s more they’re not all ugly teenagers playing animal crossing. Need proof? Well as Alana Evans and Misti Dawn (both pornstars) have started a new site Pwned By Girls.

While there is potential for this to become a “thing”, the idea is really quite simple. The Gamer Girls are going to stream themselves playing topless on their site via Streamate or Camworld, and you can join them in various Xbox or Playstation games. Every minute of this is going to be topless, and every moment will be shared via the net.

"I am a huge Gears of War fan. It's my favorite game to play on Xbox Live, so when I came up with this idea and presented it to Misti, I knew the release date of Gears would be the perfect start date," said Evans. "Misti is probably the most dedicated gamer girl I know, so she was the obvious choice as my partner for

The first gamer girl party is scheduled for September 20th, to coincide with ,what they call, “the release of the most anticipated game of the year” Gears of War 3.

I have to admit, I’m not quite sure how this is supposed to work, but I vowed not to play another game until I beat snake on my Motorola. I’m sure the addition of reliable tits to the gameosphere is  a welcome one. Even if it isn’t, it’s not like the addition of tits to any-ol-sphere was ever a bad thing. This begs the question though, are “we” just going to add tits to everything? And does that actually make the thing in question better?

I can’t really think of a place where adding boobs didn’t help, maybe the zoo, but that’s a whole different thing.  How can you go wrong with a tagline like “Time to pwn some n00000bs with our b00bs.”


Check Out Misti Dawn playing games at Brazzers

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