Richard’s Top 5 Nastiest Women in Porn

Richard’s Top 5 Nastiest Women in Porn

By Richard's POV on March 17, 2011

Dear ZZinsider readers, I don't know about you but I feel like we've become friends so I'm going share something with you guys. I consider myself a pretty well-rounded porn watcher but some days, even as a man that is as tough as Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris mixed with granite rock and a dash of grizzly gear, I get in the mood for some of that lovey dovey soft core porn where the lighting is professional grade, everyone moves in slow motion and the lesbian scenes consist of no more than hot women making out in the scissor position. You know, the kind of porn you might watch with loved ones over tea and crumpets.

Other days are a little darker. I want to see a film that is so disgusting I toss and turn in bed for nights on end feeling guilty for watching and even guiltier for masturbating to it. On those fetish prone nights I look to the following:

Naomi Russell:


I find Naomi is often overlooked and I'm not sure why that is. I think she has a refined nastiness about her. Nothing too over the top. A little ATM, a double penetration or two, a gangbang or three. No biggie! She also has a really big butt. A really big butt that she is not bashful about begging to have really big cocks shoved in.

Asa Akira:


I still remember the first Asa Akira video I came across a few years ago. Yes, it was that traumatizing. The video started off standard. A little oral, vaginal and anal penetration; all things we've come to know and love. Then, near the end, she took a huge load in the mouth. Then she spit it in her hand but it didn't end there. Ms. Akira proceeded to slurp, yes slurp, it back into her mouth. This pattern repeated for about 5 minutes. After watching that video I promise you I couldn't watch a woman drink a glass of milk without getting turned on and disgusted with myself at the exact same time. It's those kind of conflicting emotions that let you know you got your money's worth.

Sasha Grey:


With her mainstream transition into TV shows like Entourage and movies like The Girlfriend Experience, Sasha isn't turning out adult films like she was in her heyday. Still, a man doesn't forget the first time he saw Sasha paint a cock with saliva while simultaneously working two others with her hands. She was truly the porn actress equivalent of Picasso. I hope she returns but fortunately for fans like myself she left an impressive catalog of abstract art for us to always admire.

Jenna Haze:


Always a crowd favorite, Jenna needs no real introduction. What I like about Jenna is her dirty mouth. Jenna talks in her scenes. Jenna talks a lot in her scenes. Yet Jenna says all the right things when she talks instead of all the wrong things like, "do you love me?" which everyone knows is a complete turn off. Jenna asks more insightful and meaningful questions like "Do you love pounding my tight ass?" She is so perfect for me!



I'd watched a few Belladonna movies  before stumbling upon one with her and Lexington Steele. For those of you who don't know who Lexington Steele is - first off you can't call yourself a fan of porn - and second, Lexington is a male porn star who owns a pet python that stunt doubles as his cock on the weekends. Once I saw a movie where Belladonna deep throated Lex's reptile of a penis and, like that, another beautiful porn star and fan relationship was born. Lately Bella has focused more on her positions behind the camera as a director and producer. I hate to see her go but I love to watch her leave.

That's my list folks but you don't have to agree. Who should stay and who should go? Feel free to volunteer your own top 5 nasty favorites for me to investigate in my free time, which will be exactly 2.4 milliseconds after you post your list.

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