We Want to be Sabrina Deep’s BFF

We Want to be Sabrina Deep’s BFF

By Stefanie Saint on May 25, 2011

We thought we had exposed all of the debauched, depraved and perverted recesses of Sabrina Deep’s gangbang, cum-cupcake loving mind. But the queen of bukkake has surprised us again. And we don’t surprise easily.

Not only is Sabrina travelling the world to let fans paint her peaches and cream complexion a spermier shade of white; she is now calling for fans to host her in their home. And the kicker, she’s going to pay them to do so.  

"I have received so many requests to stay at my fans' while travelling for my World Bukkake Tour (WBT) that i couldn't remain indifferent to it," says Sabrina. "It will be a thrilling and challenging experience to live with my fans and to show them the real me in their own territory and it will also give me the chance to pick the very best one among them according to our elective affinities. This must be the first tour on the road in the history of adult entertainment and there is no way back from here".

Here’s how it works: Fans residing in one of the WBT 2011 cities can apply to host Sabrina at their home through the Fanstalker.net website; the chosen hosts will immediately receive a DVD and a one year subscription to Sabrina's website and of course they will get to spend a few days together with the Queen of Bukkake and gangbangs. Each host will also automatically run for the Best Fan Forever title and the $2000 grand prize which Sabrina will award to the winner on January 16 2012.

That’s one BFF title, a $2000 grand prize and the chance for quite possibly the best sleepover known to mankind.

Fun fact: Sabrina’s WBT has already garnered over 2,300 fan applications. If the average guy ejaculates approx. 3.4 ml at a time and if all the entrants show up, that equals over 7.8 litres of cum. Just over two gallons.  That is one big cum-cupcake that we can't wait to see.

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