Sabrina Deep: ZZinsider Twitterview

Sabrina Deep: ZZinsider Twitterview

By Olive Day on May 03, 2011

After hearing yesterday that Sabrina Deep had released her World Bukkake Tour press release yesterday, we started to obsess over the footage Sabrina had sent to us a couple of days ago and automatically fell in love with her interesting take on life, fans, sex and bukkake. Having huge success with our first Twitterview with the Milf-tastic Veronica Avluv, we figured it’d be only proper to ask this bukkake babe to be our second twitterview the day after she launched the World Bukkake Tour press release. Actually, this is Lydia Laces (our new twitter girl) twitterview ever!!

So, without further ado, here is the transcript to the Twitterview that took place earlier this morning.                             

ZZinsider: Hello Gorgeous! @SabrinaDeep How are you today? Care to join me for a bit of the third degree on this Titty Tuesday?

Sabrina Deep: Helloooo! I'm ready and turgid :)

ZZinsider: How do you do this morning? And where about are you?

Sabrina Deep: I'm doing great thank you. I'm at home in Florence, Italy and just painted my nails lol 

ZZinsider: Cute! What color? 

Sabrina Deep: Black...Got hubby having a thing for it and it's my way to send him subliminal messages. 

ZZinsider: You are off to Germany on the 30th to begin your fourth World Bukkake Tour? Tell us about that! 

Sabrina Deep: Yep! It'll be the kickoff of the WBT 2011. I will be co-hosted with & by @ginablonde 80 fans will cum on us while we play together.

ZZinsider: That sounds insanely messy and hot! These guys are specially selected fans, if I'm not mistaken?

Sabrina Deep: Partly mistaken. Selection is based on health and minimum age. For the rest, everybody can apply and first-come-first-serve rules. 

ZZinsider: That seems fair! Which country are you most excited to visit and why?

Sabrina Deep: this year I’m craving the most for USA because I have a few more girls joining my parties over there. It will be a surprise ;)

ZZinsider: Wow. Yeah that sounds exciting! So it'll be you, @ginablonde a few other ladies and 80 men. How many dudes at time usually?

Sabrina Deep: A location big enough to host 80 peeps in NYC goes beyond budget. But when I can I go back twice (like NYC)

ZZinsider: Gotcha. Do you ever feel shy when you're getting busy like that? Is that part of the exhibitionist turn on? 

Sabrina Deep: Correct! I'm very nervous when doing the last makeup right before getting on "stage", then it leaves place to wetness & ends with stickiness and peace of senses. If I was shy I wouldn't do it. It's a turn on to make the bangers tired ;)

ZZinsider: Awesome! It's kind of like you're an athlete! Do you set out to break records? 

Sabrina Deep: No lol. I set out to break men appetites.

ZZinsider: Bukkake is still sort of taboo to some in the world of porn. Do you get a psychological turn on by being "bad"?

Sabrina Deep:  Sex is all in the brain, that's for sure. So, I can't deny that that might be the case in my subconscious. What I truly love about bukkake though is it's me being in control of guys who think to be in control. When you look them straight in the eyes and ask for their orgasm's fruit that is priceless, in terms of turn on.

ZZinsider: Oh yeah, that sort of power play makes sense to me, as a woman. You're like the object and the ringleader simultaneously!

Sabrina Deep: Women rock & rule! It's exactly like that. I shouldn't make questions, but I can't resist! Would you ever consider bukkake, even in your intimacy?

ZZinsider: Well, I have never had a beau who was into sharing me with other guys, but I have definitely fantasized about it.

Sabrina Deep: I have a weird good genuine vibe about you. (No, not about sex) Thanks for answering :) 

ZZinsider: Thanks! You have a really earthy, sensual vibe. Which element do you feel most embodies you? fire, water, air or earth?Why?

Sabrina Deep: Earth. It's where my feet like to be and where the most beautiful things I see every day have roots into. Earth is beautiful :)

ZZinsider: What does it take to be a top-flight man-milker?

Sabrina Deep: If you have a good relationship with yourself, men and sex in general we women are all top milkers, I'm not more special than any other woman. More extreme in the open, for sure, but all women potentially know their own skills in bed pretty well heheheh. So, if you don't mind to make your skills and sexual desire public, just do it. Even beauty is relative. We all have fans around.

ZZinsider:  What advice do you have for girls who want to try taking multiple loads for the first time?

Sabrina Deep: Try one first. Taste it, play with it, and swallow it. If you feel comfy, go for more and enjoy the rush! ALWAYS WITH TESTED PPL though. Don't underestimate the amount of proteins and the total lack of cholesterol either

ZZinsider: Whoa!!! You are kind of turning me on now! LOL! Well you just do your thing and make sure we always have a good seat! You're really rad, and so damn hot. This is fun!

Sabrina Deep: Don't pay for sex, pay for watching it. Respect the next, never be envious and cum meeting me when i'm in a city near you :)

ZZinsider:  Thank you for making my first twitterview such a pleasure! I hope we can do it again! I will be following your adventures! Xoxo

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