Saddest News of the Day: FacebookOfSex Taken Offline

Saddest News of the Day: FacebookOfSex Taken Offline

By Olive Day on April 29, 2011

I’m sad that I have to be the one to tell you this internet but owned by FriendFinder Network Inc. has been forced by the evil mega mind that is Mark Zuckerberg to shut down their site because it’s too similar to the name of theirs. " is a blatant attempt ... to hijack Facebook's fame for illicit financial gain." Whined Facebook two weeks ago at the U.S. District Court in San Francisco after hitting FriendFinder and its subsidiaries with an infringement claim, don’t those big billionaire bullies know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

 "(FriendFinder) have tried to use the purported 'FriendFinder' mark as leverage in negotiations, asserting that Facebook must address (FriendFinder's) concerns before they will address Facebook's trademark claims," Facebook attorneys say. "Facebook's use of 'friend finder; amounts to descriptive fair use and does not infringe Various' purported trademark rights in the 'FriendFinder' term.” How many ‘FriendFinders’ can you find in that last sentence? Man, am I happy I’m a porn blogger instead of a lawyer.

"But unlike Facebook, defendants permit and indeed encourage the display and posting of pornographic content," Facebook attorneys say. "Upon accessing the site, a visitor immediately encounters highly graphic and sexually explicit images and videos."

Okay, so what is the problem here? Facebook is mad that the name sounds similar and it does the same thing but it lets people (who are paying their paychecks) post pictures their own site Facebook restricts from posting ex. Two guys kissing, pictures of boobs, pictures of art that depicts a vagina? When I read about stuff like this I want to ride the elevator silently down to the first floor, dig a hole in front of the office and lie in it looking up at the sky pretending none of this crap goes on in the world. Are you scared that people may accidently write facebookofsex when they really wanted to access their facebook pages? I think the explicit part (the word sex) is what makes it different from your site! Aren’t all other social networking sites basically the same thing too? Being the largest social networking platform in the world don’t you think people will most likely look to your model? I understand that if it’s a carbon copy of your site it is infringement and I have no doubt that this site was utilizing that 100% but c’mon man. Let people post sexy pictures of their boobies… Or at least let cool websites have their own pages!!!  

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