School Girl Costume May Become Illegal in Australia

School Girl Costume May Become Illegal in Australia

By Jacob Carson on January 28, 2011

In a move that could single handedly kill men’s fantasies in the land down under; a child advocacy group is seeking the ban of school girl costumes in adult lingerie and costume shops.

The sexy school girl uniform of plaid short skirt, buttoned down white shirt and ponytails, has been a staple of fantasy role play since the invention of the first Catholic school girl. However, the child advocacy group believes that the sale of adult sized uniforms propagates child pornography.

In rebuttal, the Australian sex party, sign me up please, fired back stating that not only is their negative Nancy statement outrageous, the uniforms are not always used in a sexual way. The uniform is often worn to back to school reunions and Halloween or office parties. The party even went as far as to bring out school uniform wearing AC/DC member Angus Young, who was Australian.

I call shenanigans on both parties on this one. When a 20-year-old woman wears an adult school girl costume, it does not encourage or perpetuate child pornography. It’s hot. It’s sexy. It makes you want to rip that uniform of and have sex with the 20-year-old underneath.

The costume is sexual and it is meant to be sexy.  If it wasn’t, then you wouldn’t be able to see their underwear when they bend over…if they are wearing underwear. I think Australia, needs to have a reality check and just admit that school girl uniforms are meant to be sexy, but in an adult way. It’s a fantasy people.

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