Science Shows Having an Orgasm is Better for your Brain than Puzzles

Science Shows Having an Orgasm is Better for your Brain than Puzzles

By Randall Vicks on August 07, 2013

If you're looking to increase your brain power, it's time to put down the pencils, and pick up the porn.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: porn is good for you, and sex is even better. So in my ongoing campaign to provide our faithful readers with the results of every sex-related study in the world, I came accross this little doozy from the Daily Mail (I read 'em all). According to the article, neuroscientist Barry Komisaruk said that while brain-teasing puzzles like Sudoku or Crosswords activate certain regions of the brain, having an orgasm increases activity accross the whole damn thing. This is due to the highly scientific fact (which I totally didn't make up at all) that orgasms are fucking awesome and everybody knows it.

But wait! It gets better. Not only is having an orgasm good for excersizing the ol' noodle, it's also good for blocking out pain. So the next time someone gives you shit for jerking off too much, just tell them that it helps you with your chronic back pain or something. It's science, people!

So in the spirit of helping out my fellow man to improve his quality of life, I've assembled three of my favorite sexy scenes from our educational programing website, Big Tits At School (NSFW). Apparently Brazzers has been educating people this whole time! Who knew?

Alexis Grace in "Please Keep Your Tits Quiet" (NSFW)


Samantha Saint in "Distracting Double D's" (NSFW)


Rikki Six in "Whore Pass" (NSFW)


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