Science Validates the Existence of Bisexual Men

Science Validates the Existence of Bisexual Men

By Miles Holden on September 08, 2011

It’s no secret that bisexuals have a hard go of it. They are fully accepted neither  in the gay or straight communities. Some people go as far as denying their very existence.

The problem is compounded by science, when a study from Northwestern University, published in 2005, stated that bisexuality in men was a way for gay dudes to avoid accepting their sexuality.

For the last six years, bi dudes have had to live in a world that doubts their very existence. Bummer. Sexy science isn’t always sexy, especially when it’s downright confusing….and err…just plain wrong.

Thankfully, some other folks at Northwestern have published a recent study that concedes the fact that bisexuality might in fact be real and not just a ploy developed by drunk college girls who want to give every guy in their vicinity a hard-on.

The test subjects of the more recent study were more carefully vetted by researchers. This time around the men who claimed to be bisexual had to have had sexual relationships, as well as dating relationships with both genders before science could confirm their sexual orientation.

For the science world it’s not good enough to just take the word of a person who claims to be attracted to both sexes, you have to have some empirical evidence to back that up, right? And what better way to prove or disprove a claim of bisexuality than to hook a guy up to a boner detector and make him watch porn.

Yeah, that’s right. Bisexuality, the scientific discovery of the 21st century, was proven by hooking up a guy’s shlong to a machine that detects the presence of increased blood flow to the region and then making the same guy watch a series of porn clips featuring two guys getting it on and then another series featuring two chicks getting it on.

Proving once and for all that self-identified bisexual men got boners on all occasions while gay man didn’t so much react to the lady on lady sex.

I can only assume that the only reason bisexual women weren’t part of the study is that a lady boner detection machine is more complicated and invasive than its male counterpart. Until science catches up, I’ll just have to assume that ladies like to get it on for the sole purpose of fulfilling my porn fantasies.

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