Scientist Devotes the Rest of Her Life to Study Corn Sex

Scientist Devotes the Rest of Her Life to Study Corn Sex

By Olive Day on September 06, 2011

We all day dream of supple erect niblets being thrust into our mouths, with each section reaching our eager lips and tongues, we taste a flavor so unbelievably sweet and satisfactory it makes us forget about all of lives problems. Each nipple sized kernel causes you to salivate and lubricate the sweet sections of the long hard shaft. Mmm. Corn. So sexy and delicious! Biology professor Virginia Walbot has decided to devot her entire career to tackle one of the most prevalent biology questions of our time; what exactly is the sex life of corn?

"It is really one of the deep, fundamental mysteries of plants," she explained to Mercury News while she slowly strolled through the firm and erect towering stalks of corn which surrounded her. "It is exceedingly important to understand every step of the process, so we can produce better seeds for American farmers."

What you may not have known about the super delicious plant is how it became  the corn we know today (the corn part that we eat) is completely unknown.

"How does that switch occur, from being vegetative to reproductive? What are the early steps that it commits to, to produce sperm or eggs?" she said. "It's still unclear."

Having a lifelong affection for corn, Virginia does not have any problems dedicating the rest of her life to the well-endowed plant. And if porn has taught me anything, Virginia is probably more connected to her favorite plant than we think. If this program fails for Virginia, maybe she would consider starting an all-vegetable cam site?

For more information on Virginia’s quest to crack the corn code, check out: Mercury News

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