Seedy 1-800 Phone Sex Lines Popping up in U.S. and Canada

Seedy 1-800 Phone Sex Lines Popping up in U.S. and Canada

By Olive Day on April 19, 2011

The Associated Press is reporting that several phone numbers that teenagers once used to call toll-free for embarrassing questions about AIDS and safe sex are now in fact phone sex lines. "We both have big appetites for sex," they whisper. "Pinch us and poke us. Spank us and tease us. We love it all. ... Enter your credit card number now." While at first you may expect these turn of events are total accidents, you are in fact mistaken; these sex phone lines are totally in control of these rather unusual toll-free take overs.

Over the past 13 years a Philadelphia company known as PrimeTel Communications has been quietly cornering the market of toll free numbers in the U.S. and Canada often grabbing the hotlines as soon as the numbers are resigned by prior owners. In fact, as of March 2011, Prime Tel Communications manages more 800 numbers than any other company, including Verizon and AT&T.

Dial 1-800-Chicago and instead of reaching a tourism hotline for the Windy City, you will hear a woman offering "one-on-one talk with a nasty girl" for $2.99 per minute. A similar thing happens if you punch in the initial digits of 1-800-Metallica, 1-800-Cadillac, 1-800-Minolta, 1-800-Cameras, 1-800-Worship or 1-800-Whirlpool. – NY Post

To be honest, I’m really surprised this scam works! Are people really that turned on enough by a surprise sex line to supply their credit card numbers to listen to a phone sex worker lie to them? I’m sorry but if I call 1-800-Cadillac I’m calling because I’m pissed off about their product. No sexy baby voice in the world could calm me down from my rage high. Besides, didn’t we all learn from Punch-Drunk Love that if you call a sex line the worker will attempt to extort money from you and send four henchmen to collect the cash that causes you to attack them in a fit of rage? Did I mention you have to then travel to Utah to confront Philip Seymour Hoffman to get him to stop demanding money from you and eventually Mr. Hoffman tells you to F off?!! Yeah, definitely doesn’t sound worth it now does it? Stick to internet porn or online sex chat rooms.

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