Sex and Body Modifications

Sex and Body Modifications

By Alpha Harlot on August 08, 2012
I've been pierced all over and I've got a bunch of tattoos.  Body modifications have been a part of my life since the day after I turned 18 and was legally allowed to go into the local tattoo shop and let people Modify my body.  

Every generation looks for a new extreme to be better or more extreme than what the last generation came up with. Pierced tongues being the big fad in the 90's led the next generation of people who were into mods get into bifurcation, or tongue splitting.  I played with a guy who had a split tongue once.  Making out with him was crazy.  I had a hard time following his lead because his tongues were all over the place.  He ate pussy like a champ though so I really can't complain. 

For the past few years, people have been experimenting with 3D implants under their skin.  I've been obsessing about an implant story that I read awhile back about a piercer from New Jersey (Dirty Jerz represent!!) that implanted four small magnets into his wrist so that he could wear his iPod Nano without wearing the wrist band. Here's a video of the process:

It's actually a pretty cool idea but it got me thinking about other kinds of implants that could possibly help me in my pursuit of orgasms. I was searching around and I found a few toys that used the healing power of magnets to stimulate the circulation of blood flow.  There were also a few sets of nipple clamps that used super strong magnets to pinch the love buttons tightly. 

Imagine taking the next step though...  the magnets being implanted in your body.  Lips or labia magnetically attached to the base of a cock. I can guess that it might be an awesome sensation to be that close and “attached” to your lover.

Nokia issued a patent back in March for a vibrating tattoo that would start vibrating whenever the wearer was getting an incoming call or a text.

Whenever I hear the word vibrating, my mind automatically switches to thinking about how I can make my pussy happy. 

Vibrating tattoos on my fingertips maybe?  Maybe even on my inner labia to kick things up a notch when I'm sliding a nice thick cock deep inside me.?

I'm so curious to see who is going to be the first to bring implanted magnets or vibrating tattoos into the bedroom. My pussy is getting soaked just thinking about it.

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