Sex Causes Blindness? Still Worth It.

Sex Causes Blindness? Still Worth It.

By Richard's POV on November 30, 2010

From the chronicles of the 'self love is safer than making love' fables, comes the story of a man who went temporarily blind whenever he had sex. Yes sex, not masturbation, which we all know leads to blindness and hairy palms. But as they say, no guts no glory. Still, this does give new meaning to the term ‘love is blind.’

I would have to say the funniest part is the fact that this poor lad kept right on having sex, as the story is clear to point out that he went blind every time he had sex. I guess most men would see going blind during orgasm as a minimal deterrent at best to stop sleeping around, which is why they start with lab mice in medical studies and not lab men.

Fortunately, this tale has a happy ending. The anonymous man, whose story was uncovered by two PhD students at UC Berkley, had a condition called vasoconstriction that caused his blood vessels to constrict. This slowed and restricted the flow of blood; however, he was eventually treated with drugs that widened his blood vessels. Of course, after you've had sex so good it made you go blind can you really go back to the regular thing?

Gentlemen, I'm afraid to ask but lets say they were unable to correct this condition. If you had to choose between sight and sex, which would you go with? I'm not going to provide my own answer, as I don't want to bias yours but I will say Stevie Wonder seems to do ok for himself.

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