Sex in public is a norm more than we realize

Sex in public is a norm more than we realize

By Richard Johnson on August 31, 2011

I wrote earlier this week about porn fantasies merging with reality as a surprisingly high percentage of pizza delivery boys have been offered blowjobs, sex, and a variety of other currencies for their slice of pie.  Apparently porn converges with the real world more than I had imagined, keep reading for the dirty details…

 Having sex in a public bathroom sounds a bit exotic, but according to one survey, 9% of respondents have fooled around there.  A full 46% of respondents said they’ve gotten frisky in the back of a cab, which has me second guessing my decision not to become a cab driver.  Other exciting locations that sound like the perfect setting for a porn include a car (31% have done it) and the park (18% have done it).

So there’s plenty of wild places to have sex that show up in both porn and real life, but there’s more to porn than just location, apparently over 40% of the respondents have had group sex, and out of that group, over 50% enjoyed it to the point that they’d likely do it again.

Nearly 70% of those surveyed have been involved in either the giving or receiving end of a little bondage or other rough stuff.  More surprisingly though, is that half of the 30% that haven’t gotten rough while getting laid wouldn’t mind experimenting a bit.

I always understood Americans to be fairly prude, but I’ve obviously been misled.  Maybe Americans aren’t quite ready for window shopping in the red light district, but close those bedroom doors and let those porn fantasies come to life.

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