Sex Sells

Sex Sells

By Jacob Carson on February 23, 2011

The site has been named the most expensive Internet address domain name by the Guinness Book of World Records after it was sold at auction for $13 million. The domain name was sold to Clover Holdings and beat out the prices for other sites like and Sadly, isn’t selling for quite that much.

"The sale of was truly a team effort. We spent about two years with the domain, establishing the relationships, researching and finding the right buyer and managing the domain's transfer," said Kathy Nielsen, director of sales at Sedo. has a notorious history. It was registered by Gary Kremen in 1994, but stolen when the ownership was transferred without proper authorization. The landmark battle and court case reached a settlement in 2004 and showed the domain names had the same rights as real property.

The site has placeholder adds on it now and gets about 125,000 visits per day from horny people who just type it in their Firefox address window, and pre-teen hopefuls. The final purpose of the site has being formulated by the current owner. I bet it has something to with sex. may be a hot seller, but just wait until goes up for sale. Then the prices are going to really soar. What do you mean I am the only one that bid on it? Damn!

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