Sex, the Life Saver

Sex, the Life Saver

By Richard's POV on December 14, 2010

Not that you need a reason to have sex but in case you need a reason to talk someone into letting you have sex, we're here to help. There will be no more blue balls or unoccupied vajay jays in your future with these life saving tips on your side. If the object of your affection tries to hold their sexual organs hostage let them know they are literally putting your life in danger and unless they want your death on their conscience they need to give up the goods, ASAP! The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, whom I am still waiting to respond to my numerous resume requests, found the following:

Depression and Stress

As any man would tell you if he wasn't so busy falling asleep immediately afterwards, the release caused by orgasms calms you and aids in sleep. Additionally, studies suggest that semen may act as an antidepressant. This is why men are always trying to get women to swallow, because it's your health we really care about. Of course, our selfless hero-like deeds are often frowned upon. We're like the new Batman in that way.

Pain Relief

Not including the soreness caused by those new moves you learned from the Kama Sutra, orgasms are a powerful pain reliever. In fact, a study by Rutgers University found that when women orgasmed their "pain tolerance threshold and pain detection threshold increased significantly by 74.6 percent and 106.7 percent respectively.” This undoubtedly answers your "why does my girlfriend always ask me to slap her on the ass?" conundrum that has caused you many a restless night, gentlemen. You're welcome.


While it's probably common knowledge that sex itself improves cardio with all that bumping, grinding and calorie burning going on what you might not know is that studies have found that women who swallowed had a lower risk of high blood pressure. Ladies, you might be noticing a theme here. This particular study was conducted by the Dutch who apparently do sex studies in between making delicious chocolates.

Heals Wounds & Fights Aging

Studies suggest that sex is so good for you it can actually help wounds heal faster! Can't make this stuff up. Well, I could but I'm not. In addition, sex is nature's Chuck Norris when it comes to fighting aging. Want to keep your vagina or cock in tip top form? More sex! Use it or lose it and if you use it more it'll be around when you need it, which all these studies are basically suggesting is all the time.

In conclusion, there is no evidence that good, safe, clean sex is bad for you. None. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get to sexing!

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