Sex Toys for Long Distance Duos: Remote Controlled Vibrating Underwear

Sex Toys for Long Distance Duos: Remote Controlled Vibrating Underwear

By Willow Monroe on April 22, 2013

Long distance relationships are a shitty deal if you ask me. Sure, the fucking tends to be hot (when it does finally happen), but depending on your specific situation, it likely doesn’t happen nearly often enough. Back in the day, between seeing each other, long distance lovers resorted to phone sex. This was kinda like sexting only with audio and included heavy breathing, groans and moans, and when it was really good, the music of satisfied orgasmic grunts. Now it’s all about the Skype, which is nice, because you get the visuals to go along with the sound track to your mutual masturbation.  Still, none of this can even begin to touch on the real thing. And yet, with our increasingly global world, the phenomena of online dating and cross-continental flirtations (did I ever tell you about the Aussie I met on MySpace and still cyber fuck on occasion?) long distance affairs seem to be on the rise.    

The law of serious long distance love affairs is that they’re temporary. Either the relationship itself or the distance between the couple must ultimately come to a close. The simple fact of the matter is that couples need to touch. But what if there was a way they could touch and still be miles apart? Would this increase the shelf life of the long distance relationship?

The fine folks at Durex are willing to help us find out. Though not yet available to the masses, the dynamic dudes and dudettes at Durex are testing a prototype for vibrating underwear that can be accessed via your iPhone. They call it Fundawear. Touching your partner’s  goodies is as easy as swiping at your phone screen, provided they’re wearing the requisite undies.

The below YouTube vid provides a demonstration of how it all works.        

The uses for such an awesomely sextastic product though needn’t be limited to the long distance lovers alone. All kinds of fun could be had even if the couple in question should be doing something as mundane as having a cup of coffee together  on a Sunday afternoon. Oh the games that could be played…

 Fundawear isn’t the first product though to target their sexy software at couples who want to copulate remotely. Lovepalz took the concept quite a bit further with their deliciously devious devices.

All these modern remote sex toys leave me wondering what the future holds for the long distance love affair. Though nothing can ever quite touch on the real thing, we seem to be getting closer to making our cross-continental affairs more manageable.   

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