Sex Week:  Why Yale is the Hottest Campus Around

Sex Week:  Why Yale is the Hottest Campus Around

By Willow Monroe on January 19, 2012

Nothing gets me horny like Ivy League campuses.  Something about all those hot bodies that ooze with braininess. I can hardly think of a hotter place to sex it up. Well, maybe a couple. But truly, brown stone buildings and sweaters with insignias inspire perviness and passion in me.

Seems I’m not alone. Yale students have been hosting an entire week dedicated to sex on campus. Since 2002, Sex Week at Yale has hosted a diverse array of speakers from company executives, to sex therapists, to professors, clergy, adult film stars, and everyone in between. Founders of the biennial event, Eric Rubenstein and Jacqueline, intended for Sex Week to be “an interdisciplinary sex education program designed to pique students’ interest through creative, interactive, and exciting programming."

Sex Week at Yale explores love, sex, intimacy and relationships by focusing on how sexuality is manifested in America. The week gives students access to professionals, both in the classroom and during informal events, including debates, seminars, fashion shows, concerts, and discussions.

This year, Sex Week was on rocky ground as university officials debated how to handle complaints from a bunch of uptight douche bags who complained that sex week was too heavy on porn, and too light on relationship and intimacy topics. Pfft. Too much porn! As if there could ever be too much porn.

But the naysayers and ne’er-do-wells were put in their places when officials agreed to a new mandate proposed by the event’s organizers. What this means is Sex Week is officially on and will be hosted from February 4 -14th. And Porn shall not be excluded from the week’s events. Maggie Mayhem will lead a Q&A on the politics of pornography and the differences between on- and off-camera sex. Woot! Long live Sex week!


NSFW: Brazzers film with a campus feel? You got it, my fellow porn hounds. It's Sienna West in                                           Sextra-Curricular XXXcersices

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