Sex Will Blow Your Mind

Sex Will Blow Your Mind

By Ron Ecstasy on October 12, 2011

Weird teenage fumbling in the back seat of a 91’ Accord. Awkward planned  encounters with near strangers that, at the time, seemed hot, but once you got down to it just felt brightly lit and too sober. Or simply being too wasted and sleeping with that mole-face your friend brought to the bar. We’ve all had sex we’d prefer to forget.  But what if, through some process unknown, sex made us forget the very thing we did?  Sex made us forget that we ever had sex. It happens.

Doctors at Georgetown University’s hospital claim they’ve seen it happen. A 54 year old woman arrived In the emergency room  completely unable to remember the past 24 hours of her life. The reason for  this unfortunate circumstance? She’d been having sex with her husband just before the lights went out.

Sex can trigger transient global amnesia, as can other physically strenuous activities. People in their 50s and 60s are the most likely to experience an episode, but strangely, most people with transient global amnesia have it only once. In most cases, the amnesia is anterograde, meaning people have trouble forming new memories. Sometimes, people also experience transient retrograde amnesia, forgetting some portion of their previous memories. In the case of the 54-year-old woman at the Washington, D.C., hospital, the last day was a fog, and she had been forgetful and confused since having sex.

Transient Global amnesia (from here on referred to as TGA) is a relatively uncommon occurrence that fills the classic Hollywood set-up style role perfectly. Patients can be otherwise lucid, friendly and unharmed, but will have temporarily or permanently lost their memory of up to several days.

The most likely cause of this inconvenience is a valve in the jugular vein. During sex people are likely to raise pressure in their abdomens, either by flexing muscles or otherwise. Sometimes this can cause that valve to send amounts of deoxygenated blood into the brain. When enough of this backwash makes it up into your thinker, it can cause the sort of transient asymptomatic amnesia that people can sometimes experience after sex.

Right now I’m thinking of my body in software developer terms. “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!”

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