Sierra Sanchez Avoids Jail Time for Escort Service Work

Sierra Sanchez Avoids Jail Time for Escort Service Work

By Jacob Carson on May 09, 2011

Former porn star, Sierra Sanchez, avoided jail time by convincing a judge she turned over a new leaf since being punished for participating in one of the nation’s largest prostitution rings.

In January, Sanchez plead guilty to “persuading or enticing someone to engage in prostitution“ for her role in the Miami Companion Escort Service, which was brought down by a an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Attorney General‘s office. Shit, I’d better go shred my credit card statements. 

Apparently, Miami Companions worked more than just the sunshine state. Mickey Mouse only needs he’s ho’s on Wednesdays when Minnie's out drinking with the girls, so they had to make business up elsewhere. They sent girls all over the world, and one of their most popular U.S. destinations was surprisingly Detroit. Most of the state may be on the verge of bankruptcy, but they still need their lovin’!

According to the Detroit Free Press, [Sanchez], 25, said that her current life in Florida is vastly different. She now works at a chicken wing restaurant and is studying to earn an adult high school diploma. She’s also around ‘normal’ young people now, she said, who have educations and come from good families.” What? Porn people aren’t normal? I take offense to that. I’m as normal as … Ok, I’m pretty fucked up, but still…ouch.

Sanchez was given two years of supervised release and a hope from the judge to never see her again. I guess the judge doesn’t like chicken or something. So, here’s to Sierra for turning over a new leaf and avoiding jail time!

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