Sluts Unite Against Rush Limbaugh

Sluts Unite Against Rush Limbaugh

By Miles Holden on March 29, 2012

In case you live in a vacuum and you don’t watch the news, read newspapers, or have a Facebook account (that’s where I get my news, yo), let me catch you up on the whole Rush Limbaugh slut debacle. Rush Limbaugh, a conservative talk show host, called Sandra Fluke, a third year law student who was refused the right to speak on the controversial all-male conception panel at a hearing a couple months ago, a slut during one of his shows.

Fluke eventually spoke at a “Democratic hearing spearheaded by Pelosi on Feb. 23, where she talked about the need for birth control coverage. Fluke spoke of one friend in particular who needed contraception to prevent ovarian cysts.” (

Limbaugh being the dick that he is, said that the only reason Fluke can’t afford birth control is because she was having too much sex and that’s she was basically bat shit crazy if she expected good ol’ tax payers to essentially pay her to have sex. He even went as far as to add “that high school boys applying to college should consider Georgetown [where Fluke attends school],” because “They’re admitting before congressional committee that they’re having so much sex they can’t afford the birth control pills!”

I can’t believe this guy; the controversy goes on and on. If you’re interested in more details I suggest you Google the guy, because now that you’re caught up on the story, I don’t want to give this douche bag anymore publicity. What I do want to tell you about is how Sir Richard’s  condom company started a campaign called in response to Limbaugh’s crazy ass slut commentary.

Sluts, and slut allies, can visit the site and take the slut oath:

*I believe that sex represents more than just the creation of children.

*I believe it is an enjoyable, healthy and a profound part of the human experience.

*I also believe that the responsible use of birth control is an essential component of a mature, civilized society.

*And if these beliefs make me a slut in some people's eyes, then so be it.

*I will stand united with my fellow sluts, now and always.


Sluts Unite also offers you the opportunity to show your slut pride by offering you 36 slut-tastic statements you can choose to display as your social media avatar. Some highlights being: “I’M A SLUT,” “SLUT PRIDE,” “I LOVE SLUTS,” “IN SLUTS WE TRUST,” “PROUD FATHER OF A SLUT,” “MARRIED TO A SLUT,” “SLUT HAPPENS,” and my personal favorite “MY PARENTS ARE SLUTS.”

I support sluts, amen! 

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