Springfield’s Infamous Sex Toy Bandit Charged with Dildo Burglary

Springfield’s Infamous Sex Toy Bandit Charged with Dildo Burglary

By Olive Day on June 28, 2011

Coolest robber of the year Daniel Ray has been charged yet again with three counts of second-degree burglary after ramming his truck into the front of two sex shops in Springfield Missouri. Daniel, no stranger to the strange and unusual niche of dildo stealing, was caught on surveillance cameras at all three stores early Saturday morning looting the sex shops and then fleeing the scene in the same car he used to break in. Daniel Ray got the name “The Sex Toy Bandit” back in 2008 after a series of break-ins at local sex shops. I guess this gangster of love will never learn.

After seeing surveillance photos of the sex toy bandit on the news, Ray’s ex-girlfriend tipped police off explaining to them that Ray has a long history of “mental issues with sex toys and pornographic material.” Don’t we all though?

Police officers in Springfield, Missouri, who protect the fine and usually mundane city were quick to act and were able to CSI the shit out of this weird robbery pretty fast tracking down Ray from the security tapes, blood left at the scene (???) and countless hours they spent dusting plastic fists and rabbit vibrators for prints. Ray was apprehended at his day job on Tuesday.

Admitting to being high as a kite on meth during his sex toy shop raid, Ray told the police that meth “causes him to do crazy things that involve sex toys and pornographic material.” Excuse my sick and twisted curiosity, but are you not just the wee bit interested as to what the heck this guy is talking about when he says ‘crazy things that involve sex toys’? My mind is running amok!

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