Study Shows America’s Boobs Are Getting Bigger

Study Shows America’s Boobs Are Getting Bigger

By Randall Vicks on August 05, 2013

Good news, everyone! According to a new survey from Intimacy, the average breast size for American women has gone up from 34B to 34DD in the last 20 years. To get this data, Intimacy spoke to over 60 000 people at 16 different locations, and then compared the results to a similar study they performed in 1992.

Now, before you go blaming hormones in meat or something, there are a few perfectly reasonable factors at play here. For one, with breast implants becoming ever more common every day, more and more women are getting the tits they want rather than the oens they were born with. There's also the fact that your average American woman is of a much heftier variety than she would have been 20 years ago, with the obesity epidemic becoming a bigger (get it?) problem all the time. Finally, women are much more educated now then they ever were about the proper way to fit a bra. This means that the old results may have been skewed a bit anyway, if women were squeezing their sweater puppies into ill-fitting cages rather than letting them fly free, as nature intended. But hey, regardless of the science behind it all, the important thing is that there's more titty in the world now than there ever has been before, and that's a good thing. So in honor of tits and the men who love them, I've put together a selection of some of the hottest scenes from the finest big tit sites in all of the Brazzers kingdom.

From Big Tits in Uniform, Kendra Lust in "Good Cock, Bad Cop" (NSFW)


From Big Tits in Sports, Monique Alexander in "Fat Camp: Dropping Pounds to Pound Monique" (NSFW)


From Big Tits at School, Juelz Ventura in "Dr. Juelz, The Naughty Professor" (NSFW)


From Big Tits at Work, Summer Brielle in "Sex Sells, Baby!" (NSFW)


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