Survey Says, Sex Sex and More Sex!

Survey Says, Sex Sex and More Sex!

By Richard Johnson on June 29, 2011

Prophylactic conglomerate, Trojan Condoms recently held a U.S. Sex Census which found that on average Americans get laid 120 times a year. Not only where the sex deviants in question getting laid without haste,  76% percent of the 1000 survey respondents agreeing that they are satisfied with their sex life. I'd be pretty amped about my sex life too if I was getting laid that much! The results from the 2011 survey are generally positive and suggest that Americans are finally learning how to have a good time when the lights are off.

What I found interesting was despite the fact that many people spend more hours on the internet in a week than on other activities, less than 20% of the of people believed that they would have sex with somebody they met online. Seriously, less than 20%?! I would’ve definitely have bet that least half of these people where craigslist personal creepers.  

Like any other sex survey, this study attempts to delve deeper into fascinating gender differences when it comes to our sex lives. While40% of women are against hooking up, that number drops to just 25% when asking men.  If the fact that 60% of women are OK with hooking up doesn't get a rise out of you, consider that only 32% of women like giving head as much as they like getting shafted. The survey speaks for itself and its clear what is in demand. More Head! Kidding ladies. But seriously, what’s the deal? My penis is a Golden God!

Americans typically get a bad rap for living in the sexual dark ages, but maybe the future isn't looking so bleak with survey results like this.  No word on whether this survey will be an annual event, but it won't stop Americans from getting jiggy with ourselves, our friends, and our toys. Click here for the full report.

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