Ten Ways to Sex up your Earth Day

Ten Ways to Sex up your Earth Day

By Olive Day on April 21, 2011

If you didn’t already know, April 22nd is Earth Day! The one day of the year you should really go out of your way to do SOMETHING good for the environment. I know I sound like I’m forcing my green ‘holier than thou’ life choices onto you, but I feel like you should at least think about going green in the bedroom because it’s pretty sexy! Here’s a list of things that you can change in your sex life that’ll make a great impact on our environment.

Shower Together


Did you know that the standard shower with a 2 inch shower head uses 1.5 -2.5 gallons of water per minute? Did you know that showering with someone is pretty much automatic masturbation/sexy time? Yeah, showering together is so hot and so green it makes me feel dirty just thinking about it.

 Sex toys that will not  harm the earth (glass metal or ceramic)


Not a fan of vibrators? That’s cool! When you’re picking your lover or yourself out a sex toy why not forego the neon blue veiny rubber dildo and opt for something more earth friendly like a sexy glass butt plug or a ceramic dildo. Have you really thought about how many plastic dildos there are floating in the sea? Not cool!

Carpooling orgies


Pack up your favourite sex partners into your car and get fuckin’! According to Colorado Pollution Prevention, 100 carpooling people can prevent 1,320 pounds of carbon monoxide and 2,376,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere in a single year. - EHow And seriously, this could get so sloppy and sexy it’s kind of hard to deny you don’t want to try it! But if you guys get pulled over, don’t ask us for help.

Organic lubricant


Not to knock on the god of lubricant KY Jelly but it’s a toxic petroleum, no pun intended, cocktail. So why not opt for a more earth friendly lube like Nude Lubricant, Americas first FDA approved organic lube!

Whips made of recycled rubber


“Be naughty to each other, but nice to the environment!” To be honest, I hadn’t heard of such a thing until I started buying toys from this great website called Earth Erotics that specializes in all things earth friendly and sexy. In fact, you can find most if not all things mentioned in this article at their store. Don’t have enough money to buy yourself a recycled whip? Our in house dominatrix suggests up cycling up cycling pantyhose with runs in them for use as handy bondage cords

Lambskin condoms


While lambskin condoms are biodegradable and can be used with oil-based lubes unlike latex, these penis coats are very thin and considered by many to have the best feel! But please take note that while lambskin condoms are great, they DO NOT prevent the transmission of many diseases including HIV.



Turn those lights off and burn some candles! I promise you that your lady will have a completely different reaction to you standing in the hall way buck naked waiting for her if you’re standing in the soothing hue of flickering candles as opposed to your normal lights that do your body no justice.

Stay naked all day


Um, this one isn’t really earth friendly, but I guess you wouldn’t have to do a day’s worth of laundry which can use 40 gallons if full for each wash depending on what kind of washing machine you have. Also cooking in the nude is super sexy so cook a meat free meal or something.

 Rechargeable vibrators


Rechargeable vibrators are all the rage right now and are actually the best vibrators you can get on the market!  Toys like the Hitachi Magic Wand which girls like Aspen Rae swear by and the Form 3 that Phoenix Marie recently reviewed by Jimmy Jane. 

Eat food off each other


Take a day off from doing dishes and using up water and use your lover’s body as a plate. Why not try the Japanese fad off Nyotaimori, the act of eating sushi off of a naked woman? If you don’t like sushi, why not opt for chocolate or steak slices.


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